3-Step Guide: Managing Your Emotions Online

3-Step Guide: Managing Your Emotions Online
3-Step Guide: Managing Your Emotions Online

If you haven’t noticed, the world is kind of an intense place these days, and that transfers over to the internet. People talk about all sorts of hot topics from politics to human rights and vaccinations, including some of the more mundane ones like what you like to eat for lunch. Whatever you think about any of these things, keep in mind that you’re here to make friends. The great thing about people is that we’re all different and we can get along even if we have different views. However, sometimes when a sensitive topic comes up even the best of us can lose our cool.

Here’s how to stay calm, cool, and collected online.

Manage Your Anger

If someone says something that is not in line with your beliefs, don’t get all twisted up in a knot. Anger doesn’t help people learn about your views and why you hold them. It just makes them bear down into their views even more. Instead, try to learn about why they hold that view and understand their position. Even if you can’t empathize with them, you can at least try to get a bit of a better understanding.
However, if someone is actively making fun of you or just plain not being nice then it is totally OK to get a bit upset. However, instead of taking personal jabs at the one who is insulting you, firmly state your boundaries and try to talk to a moderator to have them removed or suspended from the chat room.

Be a Good Communicator

When you’re a good communicator, people come to trust you and want to be your friend. Be open, but friendly, about what bothers you and when people are making you happy. This will give your new online friends a way to make you smile and become even closer to you. When you give emotional feedback, people get to know you better and vice versa.
Being a great communicator is also very important in conflict. If you have a conflict try to not take things personally and be the bigger person. Make sure you simply communicate how the other persons’ actions have affected you and move on!

Pay Attention to Others

Paying attention to the emotions of other people can help you to keep things calm in a chat room. If you notice someone is getting agitated, you can deescalate the situation by listening to them instead of provoking them. If you notice someone is more quiet than usual, you can ask them if something is wrong. This can avoid the situations that lead to angry exchanges in chat rooms. All of this is a lot easier said than done, but if you dedicate yourself to the art of staying calm in a heated discussion, you’ll see results soon.

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