4-Step Guide: Meeting Nice Strangers Online

4-Step Guide: Meeting Nice Strangers Online
4-Step Guide: Meeting Nice Strangers Online

With so many intense situations going on across the globe, you might be surprised to learn that there are some less than nice people in chat rooms these days. Of course, the experience of meeting a rude person is still few and far between, it can happen. However, if you follow these steps then you can be certain to meet people who are nicer than the usual person.

Step 1: Identify What Nice Means to You

What does nice even mean? Well, a lot of times that means people who will respond to you, and who will do so in a nice manner. Rude people might make you feel bad or try to get you to gang up on someone. You have to listen to your gut instinct about whether someone is nice or not. Before you think about finding nice people to be friends with, you should think for a few moments about what “nice” means to you!

Step 2: Search it Out

Now is the hard part. You have to actually actively seek out the nice people. It can be a bit of a waiting game, but it is worth it. Watch how others interact with people in the chat, and how they react to conflict. Watch how they interact with you too. Find any red flags and take them seriously. Even someone being overly nice could be a red flag! However, most of the time nice people are as they seem.

Step 3: Block or Move On

Part of finding nice people to hang out with is cutting out rude people from your online life. If someone isn’t being nice to you, block them, notify chatroom administrators, and move on. Perhaps you might choose to move onto a new chat room, but you can likely stay in the same one if you blocked them or ignored them!

Step 4: Ask Around

If you already have online friends in a chat room, and you have a sneaking suspicion that someone is nice or mean, you can ask others. Do it privately, and in a nice way. Don’t gossip about other people, but you can ask if someone has a history of being rude, or if someone else thinks they are a good friend. This will create a trusted network of people to enjoy online, and you can make new friends.

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